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Photography is not my profession, I am a non-profit amateur photographer.

Photography is my passion and pleasure. In times of ubiquitous volatile visual information, the well done photographic image has lost nothing of its strength and power of persuasion. It has the potential of being more than fixation of a visual impression, it carries the spirit and the atmosphere of the moment. It is a challenge.



Photography for me is analog photography using classical films and gelatine-silver prints.

All pictures shown here have been taken with a Leica M3 camera (made in 1963) and three lenses with 21, 50 and 90mm focal length.

Leica M means photography reduced to putting a frame.


The final pictures are printed in 12" x 16" on Ilford MGW fibre based glossy paper.

The prints are scanned using an Epson GT-20000 scanner with 300 dpi resolution.


Please do not hesitate to give me your feedback. Please keep in mind, that what you see here are low resolution scans of the original silver gelatin prints.

If you like what you see, please consider buying genuine prints or one of my books available at blurb.

And come back from time to time, new content might be there.


Bernhard W. Schmidt

- Photography -